VWAP Education

The password to this video is “vwapmagic”

VWAP Overview for Alphatrends Subscribers from Brian Shannon – Alphatrends on Vimeo.

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VWAP “From the Event”

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) “from an event” often gives us valuable insight into the psychology of the market. For recent IPO’s, I find the VWAP from issue date is often a key level to be aware of as potential support or resistance. Last week I pointed out the potential for resistance in […]

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TLT At POTENTIAL Level of Support

The %TLT is clearly in a downtrend and odds do not favor a purchase but there are reasons on the chart below to think this is a potential area where support will be found.

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VWAP “Since the Events” in Apple AAPL

I have been mentioning the volume weighted average price (VWAP) for about 8 years and a lot of people have picked up on the usefulness of it from a short term trading perspective. In addition to day trading, the VWAP is also quite useful as a measurement of average price “since an event” The two […]

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