About AlphaTrends & The Founder

Brian Shannon is the founder of alphatrends.net, an on-line swing trading analysis and education community, founded in 2010.  Brian is a full-time trader, educator, and author of the highly regarded book “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes.”  His expertise has been achieved over a 30-year period of trading and market analysis, as he has navigated the difficult path that relatively few traders are able to follow to success. Having worked for Lehman Brothers, and other major investment firms over his career, Brian gained valuable insight into market dynamics and the human factors that drive them.

The Alphatrends community has helped to train and mentor thousands of traders worldwide since 2005. The knowledge that Brian has accumulated in his 25+ years of day-to-day experience in trading the markets is something he enjoys sharing. Brian has a passion for helping others.

Alphatrends was created with these four goals in mind:

  1. To help people make money
  2. To help people avoid losing money
  3. To provide education
  4. To create a positive community for traders

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