Brian Shannon, full-time trader, educator and author of the highly regarded book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, is the founder of Alphatrends.  His expertise has been achieved over a 20-year period as he has navigated the difficult path that relatively few traders follow to success.  Early on, as a broker with Lehman Brothers and other major investment firms, Brian gained valuable insight into market dynamics and the human factors that drive them.  Brian became an expert technical analyst, and his eye for value and timing combined with confident discipline have propelled him over the years to be the #1 ranked expert on Twitter in the categories of Investing and Day Trading with over 45,000 followers. Brian is also well known for his technical analysis videos, which are the #1 most subscribed financial videos on YouTube. He is a sought after speaker and contributing author, as well as an investor, senior contributor and advisor of

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Alphatrends Trading Philosopy

Brian’s successful trading philosophy is based first and foremost on the principle that when making money in the markets, risk management is always “Job 1”.

Alphatrends is structured to underscore this maxim, and to build on a solid foundation providing insightful, easy-to-follow trading ideas for equities, ETFs and options.

The primary focus of Alphatrends is to identify low risk, high profit swing trades.

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