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  • Want intraday trading tips and want to find stocks to buy now before they explode!
  • Want to know how to trade stocks correctly and not gamble.
  • Are interested in applying strong risk management to minimize losses and maximize wins.
  • Are seeking honest and objective analysis of stock market trends.


  • Are not interested in making money.
  • Do not want to sell losers quickly.
  • Are more interested in debating the merits of a company and their business rather than taking a position in the stock.
  • Want to hear long stories a bout why XYZ may or may not be a good company.
  • Are not willing to learn and study the material to become a successful stock trader.

Remember, if you are looking for perfection, you will find it nowhere.

If You Are Looking For Honest, Realistic, And Obtainable Results Based On A Consistent Methodology Then Alphatrends Is For YOU!

Real World Results By Alphatrends Members

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  • JimKTestimonial1-645x903-280x2801

    Jim K, AlphaTrends Subscriber

    “The level of wisdom I have attained through daily listening to Brian and watching his setups develop (or not) is invaluable. He is unwavering in the consistent application of his basic principles of trading with confirmations through different time frames”
  • BrianATestimonial1

    Brian A, Alphatrends Subscriber

    “Brian’s consistent approach to the market and risk management is like no other, his honesty, education and no “bs” approach is what will keep me a alphatrends sub forever. Thanks for all you do Brian your service has made a big impact in my life.”
  • BrianFTestimonial2-280x2801

    Brian F, AlphaTrends Subscriber

    “I’ve been following Brian Shannon at Alphatrends for nearly six years. His trading technique is clean andd simple, and definitely the most successful approach I’ve found in 15 years of trading. I’ve learned more from Brian, and profited more, than from any other person.”
  • Ryan-Purtell

    Ryan Purtell, Alphatrends Subscriber

    “Brian teaches a straightforward and consistent approach to trading with an emphasis on developing disciplined risk management skills.  He has a sincere interest in increasing  people’s understanding of all aspects of this profession. Alphatrends is a no-brainer in terms of value for traders of all skill levels who are teachable and seeking improved results”

What other industry experts think of Brian Shannon and alphatrends program

  • image11

    Brian Lund, co-Founder and EVP of Ditto Holdings, parent company of Ditto Trade and Followable

    “The great thing about Brian is that not only does he have the skills to trade the markets successfully, but he knows how to teach those skills in a way that everyone can relate to.”
  • 9559-280x2801

    Anne-Marie Baiynd, CEO of the

    “When I first began trading several years ago, I knew very little about trading. Choosing to learn from Brian Shannon was the very best thing I ever did to jumpstart my career and trading success.”
  • joseph-fahmy-280x2801

    Joe Fahmy, Managing Director of Zor Capital

    “Brian has superior abilities in tape reading, stock selection, and most importantly discipline. There is a reason he’s considered one of the best in the business.”
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