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With Alphatrends, you’ll receive trading ideas to find stocks to buy now before they explode! Alphatrends teaches a low-risk high probability strategy that has been proven in all market environments. In addition to swing trading, you’ll also receive day trading tips and education to teach you how to trade stocks for maximum profits!

  • “He teaches a few basic that, combined with a disciplined risk management approach are all that one needs. Brian truly is unique in my view and well worth the dollars for his service!”

    Marcus Spillane, Alphatrends Subscriber
  • “Brian stresses the two keys to successful trading — discipline and finding a trading style that suits your style and personality. Without those two concepts, most traders fail. With that in mind, this book has several excellent technical analysis systems, but the chapter on Risk Management is really the key. All traders should find this book to be useful and rewarding.”

    Lawrence G.McMillan, Owner of The Options Strategist
  • “Most technical analysis books focus on pattern recognition, but this book explains WHY markets move and HOW patterns form as a result, and without this understanding it is impossible to see deeper into the charts where the real value exists—this most excellent aggregation of insights takes you deep, real deep, into the heart of the matter where profitability exists. Brian’s book is an instant classic.”

    David S. Nassar,Trader and New York Times Best Selling Author
  • “In my opinion, Brian’s book is an excellent resource because he is great instructor. Unlike many books on trading written by traders who frankly have a difficult time explaining their methods, Brian shows his skills by breaking down relatively complex ideas in a straightforward manner. Ultimately this makes his book particularly good for traders who are just starting out on the learning curve and those who’ve found other trading books too complex or difficult to implement in the real world.”

    Charles Kirk, President Of The Kirk Report
  • “I always believed Brian Shannon had the “Right Stuff.” Whether it was his stock picks, his eclectic blog posts or when he would shower us with his market intelligence in our chatroom. Now comes his outstanding book, “Technical Analysis using Multiple Timeframes.” This is a subject that is very dear to me and I practice it every day in our own firm proprietary trading. You might say, and in a way, Brian and I are kindred spirits. But, I must call this masterpiece a true Grand Slam.”

    Fari Hamzei, Founder, Hamzei Analytics, LLC
  • “With the release of Technical Analysis using Multiple Time Frames, disciplined investors now have a new tool to help decipher the often complex art/science of charting the markets. The cherry on top of this wonderful book is his use of full color charting and tables. DO NOT invest one cent before you read this book.”

    Andrew Horowitz, Money Manager & Author of The Disciplined Investor
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