4 Reasons You Should Buy Tony Saliba’s New Book “Managing Expectations”

I recently was asked to review Tony Saliba’s new book “Managing Expectations.” I receive a lot of these requests and will often skim a book and then politely refuse to write a review. Not so with Tony’s book! You may have heard of Tony Saliba in the original Market Wizards book by Jack Schwager The … Read More

Top Ten Trading Books Ever Written

Ed Dobson is a trader and owner of TRADER’S PRESS, a financial bookstore which operates online and at tradeshows through out the country. He just reviewed my book and I am honored to have my book included in his “top ten trading books ever written.” Below is his review. Purchase YOUR COPY TODAY Book Review … Read More

Stock Market Video Trend Analysis 8/29/08

Here is a HIGH RESOLUTION VIDEO DOWNLOAD for today. Read the full review from SMARTGUYSTOCKS“First, let me preface my first book review by noting that I am extremely skeptical of marketing experts who sell trading systems and technical analysis products. However, I believe the Internet will allow a handful of successful investors and traders to … Read More

Stock Market Video Trend Review 7/17/08

Stock Market Trend Analysis 7/17/08 from brian shannon on Vimeo. Brian, When I received your new book, TA Using Multiple Timeframes, I read through it quickly. Now, the second time through, I’m taking notes. I’ll probably read it again and highlight areas as I read it. Recognizing the four stages of a stocks “lifecycle” and … Read More

Stock Market Technical Analysis Trend Review 7/14/08

Be sure to check out Andrew Horowitz’s INTERVIEW with Brett Steenbarger. Thanks for the book plug too, Andrew! Just got it. Thank you very muchfor “not” putting it into “computer dweb”“squint size” fonts. It never ceases toamaze me that with all the use of computerspeople will put out books, pamphlets, articles, etc.in small fonts dictated … Read More