Be sure to check out Andrew Horowitz’s INTERVIEW with Brett Steenbarger. Thanks for the book plug too, Andrew!

Just got it. Thank you very much
for “not” putting it into “computer dweb”
“squint size” fonts. It never ceases to
amaze me that with all the use of computers
people will put out books, pamphlets, articles, etc.
in small fonts dictated by some computer person
as detailed above. Obviously, you did not and
additionally you put it in a nice size, one up
from what is usually the standard of 5 x8 or
thereabouts. You made it real convenient to learn. Thanks
Brian, sorry to have not gotten to Ontario this
weekend but had other stuff to do and anyway
I wanted to have read your book before meeting
you. Again, thanks, dan z

Hi Brian-Your book is over the top great. It brings to mind the saying “…give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach him how to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”
If someone has a bit of capital and the good sense to follow the disciplines that you lay out in such an incredibly concise manner, they will quite literally
thrive in the market.
Please allow me to express deep gratitude for what is essentially a remarkable gift….not only the book but, just as importantly, your generosity of spirit.
Best wishes,
Robert J