Tim Sykes

reviewed my book and here is an excerpt. “That’s right, I want you to pick up a copy right the hell now and read in awe as Shannon explains how it’s not just about memorizing chart patterns—anybody who tells you that is a typically useless finance freak—it’s infintely more important to understand how variables, players … Read More

Book Review

“Reading Brian Shannon’s TECHNICAL ANALYSIS USING MULTIPLE TIMEFRAMES will have a profound impact on your trading experience. He clearly explains the market structure so you can discern clarity from what otherwise might appear random. The result is an outline of a trading approach that can be successfully applied regardless of your particular timeframe preference. I … Read More

Some Customer Feedback

I have to say this is the best book on trading I’ve ever read!! I’m sure some people will say it is overpriced before they read it – I don’t think you priced it high enough! This is everything you need to know in a nutshell. Thanks again! Renn Brian!Received your book. Outstanding! Better than … Read More

Review Excerpt

By conveying the psychology behind the market conditions expressed by charts, Mr. Shannon has conferred upon technical analysis what was in my mind a much-needed air of legitimacy. Rather than explicate the newest fads for identifying bullish candlestick formations in stocks, he articulates the underlying dynamics of supply and demand that heretofore have been under-emphasized … Read More

Veteran NYSE Specialist

and trader for over 35 years T. Kevin Feehan (TK) read my book and here is his review. At long last, a common sense approach and explanation ofTechnical Analysis has been written. Brian Shannon takeswhat could be a complicated approach to analyzing themarkets and translates it into a user-friendly, easilyunderstood language. Not only does he … Read More

Trading Books

Here’s another review of my book from BESPOKE The guys at Bespoke Investment Group (BIG) do some excellent unique research each day, it is one of my favorite blogs. Looks like I’m not the only one who has been writing. Dr. Brett announced he has a NEW BOOK with its own blog. By the way, … Read More