Money Management vs. Risk Management – Which Makes You More Money?

Money management vs. Risk Management- Dont understimate either! Have you ever found “the perfect setup” with a stock? A stock which looks like it has everything going for it, strong fundamentals, in an industry you understand, along with a great looking chart… I have personally bought heavily into some of those stocks only to be … Read More

The Biggest Mistakes Many Traders Make

Three of the biggest mistakes we see traders make, you are probably guilty too! We hope that you are learning and earning from your free trial to Alphatrends. Below is a short discussion of some of the biggest mistakes we have observed traders make. Avoiding these mistakes can make the difference between your success or … Read More

Understanding Market Structure

Understanding Market Structure The “Understanding Market Structure” infographic you received a couple of weeks ago (also LINKED HERE) is packed with useful information designed to help you obtain a better understanding of market structure and equity money flows. Once you truly understand the cyclical flow of money in publicly traded stocks, then you can approach … Read More

A Proven Trading Strategy To Help You Succeed

Welcome to the Alphatrends stock trading community. It doesn’t matter about your experience level, we will mold you into a profitable stock trader who is capable of winning in every market environment. Over the next week you will receive a series of emails which are designed to educate, provoke thought about your market approach, and … Read More