Don’t Lose Your Shirt/Capital When the Market Takes a Dive
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Here is question #2. What is your game plan for inevitable declines in your individual stocks and your portfolio as a whole?
Have you ever heard of the company Cisco Systems?
Every trader knows Cisco, right? CSCO was a star of the bull market which ended spectacularly in 2008. The stock traded as high as $82/ share and 14 years later Cisco Systems is still considered a “great company.” But today the stock trades almost 70% lower than its high! It’s not just CSCO, shares of Intel are more than 50% off the 2000 peak, Microsoft is more than 25% off its high, and countless other stocks which were “Wall Street Darlings” have fared even worse. So much for the ‘buy a “great company” and hold’ strategy.
Hope is Not a Strategy
We have been fortunate to enjoy one of the greatest bull markets since the 2009 low and many stocks have had huge positive moves in that time. Hopefully you have profited. Yet, if you have looked at enough charts you will realize that no stock is immune to the cyclical rhythm and they will all suffer from large drops –  at some point. Let Alphatrends help you determine your strategy for locking in gains!
As with Cisco, not all stocks will recover and waiting for them to come back will cause you to miss out on better opportunities while your money is needlessly tied up in yesterday’s winners.
“It is better to be on the sidelines in cash wishing you were in the market than it is to be in the markets wishing you were in cash.” ~Unknown
Let’s Make Money!
At Alphatrends, the foremost objective is to make money. The difference between Alphatrends and other services is that we do not take unnecessary risks by holding onto losing stocks, or fight the market trend. We do not think that we are “smarter than the market.” That is a fools strategy.
We focus on trend alignment to identify low-risk, high-probability trend trades – for profits. That is our strategy!! We hold our winners and “listen to the message of the market” so we can exit when momentum slows or when the stock shows signs of reversing. If the trade does not work as planned we take a small loss at a pre-determined stop level.
Bull markets do not last forever and this run will be no different. There will be massive losses in many leading stocks, like CSCO, when this cycle runs its course. Learn trend alignment strategy NOW so you don’t get caught holding onto the next “great company” as its stock price dives!
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These are the goals of Alphatrends

  • To make money through profitable trades with an egoless approach to admit when we are wrong.
  • Honest objective money making trade ideas EVERY DAY
  • Professional money money management techniques to minimize risk
  • Daily education in a proven strategy that works in ALL market cycles
  • Online community (chatroom) for additional trading ideas, information, support and interaction
  • Led and taught by an industry expert with 23 years of trading experience and success

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