A Proven Trading Strategy To Help You Succeed

Welcome to the Alphatrends stock trading community. It doesn’t matter about your experience level, we will mold you into a profitable stock trader who is capable of winning in every market environment.
Over the next week you will receive a series of emails which are designed to educate, provoke thought about your market approach, and challenge you to be better at taking money from the markets. The first question is……
What is your current strategy for buying and selling stocks?
Without a consistend approach do you honestly think you can succeed?
If you have traded stocks before, what do you analyze before entering a position?
Is your approach fundamental or technical analysis or maybe you have a more “seat of the pants” approach? If you have a consistent methodology for buying and selling stocks, congratulations! Most traders do not have a proven strategy and their results suffer – big time.
Is your strategy working? Are you making consistent profits with managed risk? Bull markets, like the one we are in now, tend to create a feeling of complacency and traders get locked into the belief that “it will bounce back” whenever one of their stocks
declines. Anyone who has been in the market for more than 5 years knows that once a stock gets crushed it can take years to bounce back and even then there is no guarantee it will come back.
How can you increase your profits? Are you waiting endlessly for a stock to recover? Are you in the right stocks at the right time for the right reasons– to make money?
A Trading Strategy Solution
Trend alignment is a proven strategy that will help increase your profits while minimizing your risks. The strategy can be implemented by anyone, in any stock, in any market environment. Even if you are a fundamentalist trader at heart, the concepts of timing and risk management can greatly enhance your returns.
Brian Shannon is a Trend Alignment Expert
Brian Shannon has taught trend alignment to investors, and institutional and retail traders around the globe. Brian started trading as a Wall Street broker in 1991 and over the last 23 years he has refined the techniques to teach others to become consistently profitable traders. Brian formed the on-line trading community AlphaTrends in 2006 to teach profitable trading techniques and to help traders of all levels succeed in the market and maximize their profit potential.
Brian’s passion for the markets, sharing his vast knowledge, teaching and helping traders make money is what excites him every day. Thousands of AlphaTrends community members from around the world consider Brian to be their teacher and mentor.
With his best-selling book, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, media appearances in/on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Barron’s, Time Magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Wikipedia, countless other websites, 11,000 subscribers on Youtube, 50,000+ StockTwits followers, and his 52,000+ followers on Twitter, Brian is highly regarded as a trading expert.
Brian explains trend alignment concepts in an easy to understand manner. He works tirelessly to provide low-risk, high-profit potential trade ideas to the AlphaTrends community that allows each member to learn, use, and profit from the trend alignment
strategies, with daily support from Brian and the entire Alphatrends community.
Alphatrends is an online trading community and educational forum that provides:

  • Money making ideas each and every day
  • Professional money management techniques to minimize risk
  • Daily education of a proven strategy that works in all market conditions
  • An online community for additional ideas, information, support and interaction

Brian’s goal is to teach each member of the Alphatrends community to be successful, profitable traders. In order to continue your subscription uninterrupted do nothing and you will be billed at the end of this trial.
PS  If you read his swing trading report LINK HERE or maybe read his book (link here) you know that his no nonsense approach is grounded in risk management principles. Brian believes that risk management really is job #1 and he lives and teaches this every

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