I was a smart kid
but was never interested enough
to try to get "A's"
I wasn't lazy
I just didn’t care

in high school (mid 80's)
way before internet...

I "happened upon" a catalog
(okay, I stole it from the teachers’ lounge)
which had all the teachers tests and answers...

so I nervously ordered a copy of the 10th grade science
when it showed up in the mail I felt such a guilty pleasure
it was the same plan my teacher was following (muwahahaha!)
why would they send it to me?
was the FBI watching?

I could get an "A"
it was there for the taking, so easy...
but there was a different price
which I didn't foresee

my conscience
why couldn’t I just enjoy my victory'
I won! I beat the system
where was the pleasure?

if I was a thief I would have been the pink panther
if I was in the mafia I would have been "mastermind"

Instead, I am a trader
so I figure shit out and manage risk!

Today, I posted the "answer key" to the market move (before the open).
I hope you got involved!