000-1450 : Current Stock Positions and tomorrow's ideas.

1514: When 2 price AVWAPS levels merge together, do you delete the older of the two? No hard and fast rule. Delete them when they become less relevant. Keep as few as possible.

1621: RBLX (7/4/22) Is the stock in Stage 2? Brian feels that the stock is in Stage 4 decline (on the weekly chart). He also reviews the importance of not buying in Stage 4 as it may take years for the price to return to a break even level.

2226: How to identify when a stock gets "enough rest" after making a significant move? There is no specific formula.

2430: If the majority of traders use the standard 20,50,100,150,200 MA's. How then does the 5Day MA that you use work?

2646: What is your opinion of the MACD? Brian does not use it.

2717: Setting up toolbars on TC2000.

2841: GAP filling. Not all gaps do in fact get filled. Do not put weight into it.

3017: Which timeframe to use. And which are important? He uses them all depending on the market. The relevant timeframe will vary. Look for alignment of trends.

3235: SPY trade on the 29th. Short or long.

3529: When going long, is the proximity to the 5DMA a factor in deciding the trade.

3630: Why do you favor the 5DMA over other MA's? For Brian and what he does, it works!

3802: For VWAP calculations use the open,close,high,low divided by 4.

3923: Where to anchor the VWAPS?

4048: Using a leveraged ETF along with the ETF as the basis of a trade.

4150: AMN trade review.

4350: What is R2? They are "Trader Floor Pivots" found in almost all charting platforms. Brian likes to sell some at that point to reduce overall risk.

4528: MNST trade set up review.

4644: Using Market Smith to find trade ideas? He finds his ideas manually. Does not use any scanners.

4800: How do you create the list of 1000 stocks that you use as the basis for finding trades?

5004: SIG Trade. Already spoken about in the 1st section of the webinar.

5048: Market Smith does not have AVWAP.

5104: Dealing with a stock that gaps down when you are Long.
5 Min rule: Use the low of the first 5 minutes to set a stop loss for the trade that day.

5207: How much of a pullback to consider the stock not to be extended. No real answer. It is about several variables taken together