000: Market Review
0046 : Stock Position Review
0546 : New Stock Ideas

1022: Reason Behind using Anchored VWAP
1107:AAP Stock. (4/21/22). Where to enter trade.
1331: Using Trendspider/Think or Swim/TC200: TC2000 best charting platform. Other for trade
1507: Any significance to the crossing of 2 VWAPS? No. (not use that point as a handoff for the
1549: Do you use a minimum ATR to eliminate slower moving candidates? No.
1638: GDDY. Evaluation of the stock.
1925: UNFI evaluation.
2144: Where do you want to see the stock rally before entering? Level where can work off the
oversold short term energy.
2313: Where to anchor the VWAP? Highs. Lows, Gaps,
2458: Timing trades in the overall direction of the market trend?
2709: MA crossovers.
3344: GAP down in the Morning. How to handle it.
3440: How to stick to your plan. Stick to it.....
3527: ATEN Evaluation.
3723: With the wild market we currently have, would recommend using ETF's. Yes...
3829: RS Stock evaluation.
3941: Anchoring the VWAP. Where to put them?
4130: VIX. Does not use it.

2843:Foolish people entering a trade.
3147:Sector analysis. Does not look to sector movement for evaluating the entry. Only focus on
the stocks itself.
3235: VWAP and different time frames.
4231: MRK Evaluation: Focus on the 50DMA.