Webinar 4/18/2022

0000- Current Positions

0333- New Trade Ideas

1001: What is the difference between A,B,C list ideas : Nothing precise….it’s experience. No specific checklist to go through. (Extended, choppy etc.)


1255: Acquisition of a company and what happens to the stock? Shorted PLAN a few days ago. Usually stocks in downtrends don’t get bought out.

1411: Why wait for stock to cross the 1,2 DVWAP before entering a position?: Want momentum to be there. Evidence to see who is in control (buyers or sellers).

1617: After selling the first 1/3 at Daily R2, can you still enter the trade? If you missed the entry, you missed it.

1703: VWAP standard deviation bands: Do not use them.

1845: Setting Alerts: Set alerts between 0900-0930. Only focus on A,B list ideas in the first 5min. Will then go back and adjust alerts accordingly.

2126/3632: RSI: Does not use it.

2200: Do you use flags to help identify the entry point before the stock breaks the 1,2VWAP. HOW DID IT GET THERE? Where has it come from and how much energy expended to get there.

2400: SES Stock: Where has it come from?

2515: Wash sale rule in trading: Ask accountant for advice.

2553: Bitcoin Stocks: Will buy on weakness. Bitcoin related stocks tend to lead Bitcoin.

2732: How many shares can you buy before moving the price of the stock?


2846: Adding to a position after the initial buy? Yes but it is Day trading. He does not suggest people day trade.

3039: SQM going long.

3252: SMH Trade review.

3441: Daily Short Interest Ratio: Does not use it on a Daily basis.

3525: DO stock setup. A stock with little price history.

3714: Pullbacks: Does not buy pullbacks.

3826: Stock far away from 5DMA.

4010: Volume of Shares greater than 500000. Uses a 20 day average of greater than 500K. This tells us there is enough liquidly to not move the price of the stock.

4231: Rules made to be Broken: Is the Risk Reward worth it if you break the rule.

The rest was cut off the recording. Only in the live meeting.

Commodity Stocks: Usually choppy. Does not trade them.

Patterns: Points them out but does not use them.

New Book: Will be able to pre order directly from Brian.