01:24 Stock Analysis – NEWR, ZYME, DOCU
• The spreadsheet contains dates for all stocks reporting earnings during earnings season.
04:17 Warning on Anchored VWAP
Section Overview: Warning about the anchored VWAP from Key Peaks and its potential impact on stocks.
Key Points:
• Stocks that have doubled off their December lows are vulnerable to falling apart.
• Be aware of where stocks come from and where they have the potential to go before encountering supply.
• Roblox stock is trapped underneath the anchored VWAP from its all-time high.
06:10 Trading Strategy
Risk vs Reward Evaluation
07:31 Risk Reward Analysis
Risk Reward Examples
• Example of stealing Bitcoin worth billions of dollars where if caught you go to jail for one year and one month, but if not caught, you get 3.4 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin.
• Emphasis that it's all about risk reward and probability.
• From a risk reward and probability standpoint, investing in DKNG for one dollar of upside is not worth the perceived risk.
08:58 Stock Analysis
Section Overview: In this section, Brian talks about three stocks - AZEK, BRZE, and TSLA.
10:15 Trading Strategies.
Micron Stock Analysis
ON Semiconductor Analysis
Roku Stock Analysis
15:04 Analysis of Roku and Other AI Stocks
Potential Upside for Roku
Other AI Stocks to Watch
• 16:23 SOUN and BBAI are two other AI stocks worth keeping an eye on.
• 16:41 SOUN has been highly speculative but could head towards its final supply level from its IPO.
• 17:02 BBAI has AI in it and is another name to watch.
Warrants for SOUN
Other Names to Consider
• 18:31 POAI looked great on Friday and doubled in price due to its association with AI.
• 18:54 CXAI traded as high as $70 per share in pre-market trading last Friday.
20:24 Anchoring the VWAP on a Shorter Time Frame
Section Overview: Brian explains that when anchoring the VWAP on a shorter time frame, one should never use an hourly time frame. Instead, it is better to use a 30 minute or 65-minute time frame. The anchor point can be chosen based on significant highs and lows of the selected time frame.
Choosing Anchor Points
• For swing trading, choose an anchor point from a significant high or low of the selected time frame.
• It's always about art, not science.
22:58 Using VWAP for Trade Entries
Section Overview: Robert asks Brian about using VWAP for trade entries. Brian prefers to buy on strength and clear prior days' highs. He also recommends having current day VWAP above and pulling back to two-day VWAP.
Ideal Entry Point
• Ideal entry point is when stock holds above two-day VWAP and gets back above daily VWAP.
• Clearing prior days' high is preferred for buying on strength.
25:46 Technical Analysis of a Stock
Section Overview: In this section, the speaker discusses technical analysis of a stock and how to determine whether it is a good time to buy or sell.
Key Points
• When a stock rallies after news comes out, it is often a reason to sell the stock.
• Look at the personality of the stock. Does it feel like it's a good time to buy this stock after a 10% rally in just a few short days?
• Determine your risk-reward plan by looking at where the stock has come from and where it has potential to go.