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02:00: SPY review. CERE, BEKE, MBLY, HAL,BBWI, BE, CSIQ, ESTY, FRSH, HD, PFGC, RELY, RNG,(NO AUDIO FROM 39;56 until 40:30),UPST,

40:41- Doubts about taking trades. Get back in with small risk. Have a good plan.

43:31- Question about the book

43:45- Using pivot points in trading indexes or futures? Generally no. Looks to action on the 1Min chart when he gets involved.

44:15- Looking to buy a stock that has pulled back and using the 1,2d AVWAP entry technique. Do you wait for the 1Min candle to close before entering? It all depends. How did it get to the trigger?

47:00 TC2000 using a volatility stops.

47:55- GFL stock trade review.

49:31- Guidance on Investing trade . Occasionally Brian will mention a stock that "looks good" for investors. However, this is a Swing Trading service and such are only general thoughts on the chart. Not investing advice.

50:11- How do you derive the "levels of interest".

50:58-How do you pick a stop for an investor held position?

51:21-Setting ,many stops in the morning is a distraction from Swing Trading.

52:40- How to decide how much of your portfolio to invest on each Swing trade. Based on experience and the nature of the market.

53:29- How many stocks to hold at a time? 5-6 is what Brian holds.

53:40- Watch list is on the trade ideas page on the website.