0000: TSLA-feels TSLA heading towards its AVWAP low. (180ish). CHPT, CWH, DK, CVI, DXCM,IT, NDAQ, R, CRK, TALO, CROX, SBUX, DK, PFGC ( earnings 0700 11/9/2022 ), GLPI, SBUX, SCHW,

27:50- Buying at daily R2. Only about 20% of the time stock will go above that level. Buying at that level may be buying near the high of day. Buy strength, don't chase the stock. Waiting 30 minutes at the open is too long.

29:21- Consider a SPY entry just getting above the 2DAVWAP? yes.

30:48- Where do you see the shakouts best? Usually not on the lower time frames, however, in this market yes.

31:34- Brian does not give specific entry points on the Indicies ETF's. But he does state what he thinks is likely.

33:30- How far back in time to go to determine the trend? On the 15Min time frame the look back period is about 15 days. The 30Min about 30 days etc. Daily about 200 days worth of data. Overall, whatever is relevant.

34:50- Why does the year to date AVWAP have any relevance at all? Because of the way institutions get paid and think about the market.

39:00- Evaluation of using the 100EMA as a support/resistance level or crosses of this MA.

42:08- Using AVWAP on trading view. Seeing 3 lines with a single AWVAP. Need to go to settings and remove the standard deviations of the AVWAP.
Brian does not use the SD bands. As a mean reversion trader they may add value but as a Trend trader, they offer no additional value.

45:18- Where to place stop when entering using the 1,2 day AVWAP technique. He watches the action. Does not use a buy/stop order.

46:25- Using ES futures in trading. May look at them Sunday night and trade small during the week.

49:50- 52:49 - Frustration in the market and staying with trading. It's worth listening to Brian talk about his personal history here.

41:53- There is no private Twitter account.

53:41- Stock running too far and too fast on the 15M time frame. WING stock evaluation.

56:00- ADT review.

58:10- If you see a new high/low that breaks the trend in the pre-post market. Usually does not use these periods in trading. Exception is if he needs to sell some to people who are chasing the stock.

58:55- When trading on higher time frames, eg 30 min, how to adjust R2/S2 for the higher time frame. Use weekly data instead of daily data when calculating the pivots.