00:00 S&P Closing Numbers
00:30 Nasdaq Close to Record
01:14 Possibility of Pullback
02:14 Semiconductors at High
03:30 Financials Update
04:40 Crude Oil Stabilizing
05:45 Blockchain and Crypto
06:55 UPWK Breakout Potential
08:25 Wrap Up

Key insights
📈The S&P 500 is rapidly approaching an all-time high, just 10 points away from reaching it.
📉"It might be one of those situations where the market breaks a new all-time high and then starts to pull back a little bit."
📈The Russell 2000 went from a 52-week low to a 52-week high in just 33 days, setting a record for the market.
📈Semiconductors continue to be the all-time leaders, with nothing bearish about their momentum driving higher.
📉"We're still innocent till proven guilty in the financials."
📉"I would not be looking to sell these by any means. I'm not optimistic about them but I don't have to trade everything and make money."
📊"Fastly is one I'll have an eye on and I update these every single day for subscribers to Alpha Trends."