The earnings calendar for next week below is courtesy of Earnings Whispers

Have you participated in the $AFRM trade that was first posted on twitter when the stock was $26.20 on November 24? It closed today at 37.67

📈The semiconductors were down slightly for the week but still in a very powerful uptrend up close to 60% year to date.
📈The NASDAQ is still strong, holding above the prior peak.
💼Opportunities are out there for trading, whether it's in the Russell 2000 or in individual stocks breaking out of longer term bases.
📈The market is broadening out and more stocks are rallying.
📈"It's not about what I do in the market. I miss some good trades like IMGN, but I miss a lot of losers as well, and it doesn't matter to me at the end of the day, and it shouldn't matter to you what's in my account or what I do."
📈Biotechs continue to move higher, pushing past prior support and heading for a test of the year-to-date anchored volume weighted average price and the 200 day moving average.
💰Financial stocks are getting a little stretched out at the top end of the range, so definitely don't chase up in here.
📈Ethereum still looks like it has the potential for bigger moves.