The January effect stocks are not giving us much reason to be excited so far. With so many large tech stocks unable to bounce from severe down trends, it becomes less likely that the real laggards will be able to find motivated buyers the way they have in previous years. It is too soon to say there may not be some winners in these stocks, but it is not encouraging so far.

These are the stocks which have been "official suggestions" with updates. As mentioned, taking partials off on strength is prudent but I am only updating stops.

BARK long 430 stopped at 411 loss of 0.19/share
ROOT long 325 w stop of 307
COMP long 932 w stop of 899
CURV long 1011 stopped at 979 for a loss of 0.33/share.
WW long 1657 raise stop from 1590 to 1645
DM we were looking for a pullback and it is still too early to buy, continue to monitor as it sets up or fails.
GRWG weed stocks continue to trade terribly, remove from watch
MILE never gave us a reason to purchase. I checked news and they are being taken over by $LMND remove from watch.
OSCR we will continue to monitor but the action is not encouraging
OUST continued weak action, remove from consideration