Episode Info

This 95 minute talk covers a wide range of topics, here is a timestamp for what was discussed.

0:00 Introductions
1:11 First getting interested in the Markets
1:40 Making 5000 Dollars on his First Trade
2:45 Working as a Broker
4:35 Trading at a Prop Firm
5:15 Starting a Day-Trading Company
6:35 Swing Trade Timeframe
7:42 Early Mistakes Brian Made
8:20 Don’t argue with the Market
10:00 Only Price Pays
12:20 Books and Resources
15:35 Mental Side of Trading
16:15 When you commit your money you commit your emotions
16:45 Tools and Resources
20:11 Trading Statistics
23:15 Selling into strength
24:30 Weekend Routine
26:29 Noticing themes in the charts
30:00 Building a weekly Universe List
31:00 Daily Routine
34:20 How many trades during the day does Brian make?
36:40 Preparing for the next day
37:50 Hobbies outside of Trading
38:29 VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price
41:40 How Institutions use the VWAP
44:20 Using the VWAP to judge supply and demand. Who is in control?
47:00 Don’t buy the dip when the sellers are in control
49:50 Where to anchor the VWAP
51:40 The VWAP as a benchmark
54:30 Character Change Points
55:25 Moving Averages
58:20 the 5 Day moving average
1:01:30 Trading using Multiple Timeframes, Trend Alignment
1:06:50 Always ask where has it come from?
1:08:00 VWAP Handoffs
1:11:40 LCID Trade
1:13:15 Chase the Gap or wait for VWAP
1:17:25 Daily R2
1:19:25 Position Sizing
1:26:30 BROS Analysis
1:30:30 VWAP Pinch
1:33:00 Don’t Buy the dip blindly
1:35:10 Advice for new traders