Episode Info

  • 📊 Understanding supply and demand, as well as the footprints left by institutions, is crucial for building a successful trading strategy.
  • 📈 Understanding when to be bold and when to back off in trading is key, but always remember that risk management is the cornerstone of success.
  • 📉 Understanding who’s in control of the instrument is crucial for making trading decisions, especially in protracted down trends or when entering short positions.
  • 📊 If you can’t define your trading edge, you really don’t have any reason to put risk on.
  • 📉 The use of technology helps instill a sense of patience in trading, preventing overtrading and FOMO, leading to better tradeoffs.
  • 📈 Setting guidelines for buying and selling based on emerging strength and potential resistance can lead to greater gains and smaller losses in trading.
  • 📊 Position sizing is probably the most important thing that I bring to the table in terms of defining an edge.
  • 💰 Re-entering the market strategically is crucial for capturing big moves and making a successful year in trading.

    Anchoring and Supply/Demand Dynamic

  • 📉 Anchoring to the point of a catalyst like an earnings report can help identify supply and demand dynamics in trading.
  • 📈 The importance of defining anchor points for trading decisions based on recent and relevant price action.
  • 📈 Anchoring from the high to the gap can indicate a potential squeeze, leading to strategic trading decisions.
  • 📉 The anchor from the peak can provide accuracy in predicting price movements.