Issues with a new version of recording software so the vid is messed up.

Markets recovered nicely and we want to see them hold but still tough to trust SPY. QQQ behaves better, SMH still strongest, IWM rangebound, IBB bounce but rangebound.
AAPL needs time to heal
AMSG short 6475 1/3 +0.24 at s2 stop on balance 6340
SINA stopped out for loss of 1.05
LVLT no go, scratch from list
LVS long 5805 new stop below the spike low at 11:08 stop is now 5802
PLAY short watchlist idea 4000 stop 4030
WDC long watchlist idea sell at leas half now that it has hit R2 raise stop according to YOUR timeframe
Other stocks mentioned in chat
PANW if long ~15150 DO NOT LOSE MONEY look to sell half at R2, DO NOT ALLOW TO TURN TO LOSER
TLRD if long 1706 stop 1685