Only Price Pays!! I have been saying that for a decade, I even own the url Lately all the chatter has been about how the market “has to correct” because volatility (VIX) is “too low.” VIX schmix…

I believe the the VIX is the single most misunderstood popular financial product in existence. I have seen very few people show a good enough understanding of VIX to help make money with it, I don’t even try to anymore. I just roll my eyes when I hear people talk about it because I think that they probably dont have a clue what they are talking about.

My advice regarding VIX or seasonality studies, etc. is to be aware of them but use common sense and trade what you actually see, not the theoretical relationships which people try to justify losing positions with.

See the video below for analysis of current market trends and a few ideas to keep an eye on next week.

Have a good weekend!