As I mentioned last week, I have been talking to a retail sales executive from RealTick (Doug O’Brien) and he has agreed to allow Alphatrends subscribers to have a two week trial to RealTick. The cool thing about this trial is that everyone who chooses to take advantage will be able to use the trial at the same time. I have used Realtick for (10, maybe more?) years and cannot imagining moving down to any other platform. RealTick is committed to growing their retail user base and I hope that you all take advantage of this free offer (no credit cards, etc required).

The trial period will run from Friday April 20 through Friday May 4. I plan on holding a special webinar early in the trial (Monday or Tuesday… perhaps even Sunday evening if there is sufficeient interest and I am available) to answer some common questions and I will also share with you some pages and layouts that I use to make it easier for you to integrate it into your analysis.

You do not need to have a brokerage account connected to the account for the trial, to take advantage, simply send an email with subject line (ALPHATRENDS TRIAL) to dobrien (at) realtick.com and he will get back in touch with you to let you know how to get started. Please note that the number of trials is limited to those who respond first.