Only price pays and lately the shorts have been hurting badly as the market doesn’t want to give up any of its gains.    The adavance/decline line continues to be strong with 2 stocks up for every one down today.  The Nasdaq and Russell are  close to new highs for the move, but the SPY and XLF are lagging on the intermediate term timeframes, something to note, but not a reason to sell short.    All markets remain above their rising daily VWAPs but maintain a strong defense.

There are some nice movers from featured stocks including SIGA, QSII, GENZ short, etc.  GILD was stopped out (I am out of the put options with a big percentage loss but small loss in the account.  Hopefully no one got crazy with GILD or GENZ, the earnings plays are very dangerous…  FEED hit its stop for a nice winner.