has written what I think is his best book yet. I have a ton of respect for “Dr. Brett” because he possesses the rare combination of being an experienced (and successful) trader as well an excellent psychologist. Being a trader and trained psychologist allows for a unique insight into the minds of traders which Brett’s new book does. The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist (Wiley Trading) is broken into 10 Chapters which are further dissected into a total of 101 easy to read and implement lessons.

As I looked through my copy, I did a little experiment which was to open up to random pages and see if there was something useful on that page, every single time was a success.

pg 22 “Negative thoughts are inevitable: the questio is whether you buy into them”
pg 87 “When we master one level of challenge, we build resilience for the next level”
pg 178 “When the thought-stopping is dramatic, the mind-shift can be equally radical”
pg 255 “Thematic thinking turns market data into market hypotheses.”
pf 275 “The edge in trading is so small and quite often elusive that it is imperative to understand market dynbamics/structure and where my personal edge lies” LOL- read the book to understand the humor here…

There simply was not a page that does not great insight into the mental game of trading and how to reprogram your mindset for success.

Also, if you do not read BRETT’S BLOG each day, you should start making it part of your daily routine. In addition to the psychological insights, Brett has some excellent and unique research which often mentions my favorite tool, VWAP.