A question I often receive is whether there any good retail brokers whose services I can recommend. Many years ago I was a retail broker, my last home was with Dain Bosworth in Denver 15 years ago. It was at Dain Bosworth that I met Jeff Kelly. Jeff is probably the only retail broker I worked with who is still in the business. The business has changed dramatically since I left and Jeff has adapted to those changes and more impressively, he has adapted to the bear market. Here is some information about Jeff

I have been in the business 16 years. I manage portfolios for absolute returns. Being down 36% when the market is down 37% is not acceptable. We want to achieve positive returns in virtually any market enviornment. To achieve this end we make risk management our highest priority.Contact at jkelly34@bloomberg.net.

If you are looking for an honest and competent broker who understands the markets I would suggest you start a dialogue with Jeff and see where it leads. I will let him tell you about how he had a position limit (5,000 contracts) for his clients in Fannie Mae put options.

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