This is a real email (reminds me of the letters to the editor of Sports Illustrated where people complain about the exploitation of women in the swimsuit issue and threaten to cancel their subscription)

Brian – being someone who has in general, had better experiences with animals than people, I take offense to your posting of that Bear video that features an animal chained up and being taunted by ‘poor white trash’.

Nothing amusing about it, not a good ‘comedic target’ and, consider me no longer an observer of your web site. FYI.

Mike M
Bellingham, WA

my response

Mike, mike, mike…
no offense meant
i may be offended by your apparent misrepresentation to “poor white trash” as she looks to be a Native American.

the reference was meant to the BEAR MARKET we are in. Meaning, don’t tease (disrespect) the bear (or get too comfortable with long positions in a bear market) because it will come back to bite you.

my site is free if you choose not to view I am not concerned, I have lost nothing. You may have lost a good source of info about the market or maybe not…

chill out a little bit, we are in a vicious bear market and I was trying to lighten the mood a little with what I thought was appropriate humor.

best of luck