Whether you are a died in the wool Republican or Democrat really doesn’t matter to the markets. On September 5th the McCain contract broke above a CUP AND HANDLE formation (point 1 on the chart below) and I suggested that the trend was “innocent til proven guilty.” Eleven days later I posted that it was time to take PARTIAL PROFITS (point 2 on the chart below) and to raise the stop on the balance of any remaining long position. I didn’t trade this market, but it is no different than any market.

Whether you trade stocks, futures, currencies, or political contracts, the markets do not care what you think. The number on job of a trader of any contract is RISK MANGEMENT! To the markets, where people risk their money, the next President of the United States is clear and it will take something dramatic and unexpected to turn the market in a different direction.

As a trend trader, regardless of which market I trade, I put my feelings aside and try to figure how I can exploit the current market psychology to put some money in my pocket.