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There are very few books written with a clear purpose and very few live upto the promised title. Brian Shannon kept the promise by delivering a great book Technical Analysis – Using Multiple Time Frames
Time is one of the most ignored topic for many technical analysts as the Price is more evident and interested piece of information to act on. Brian’s ability to convey how to weave and focus multiple time-frames into trading is an excellent presentation.
This book also addresses some of the key topics for traders like ‘How and When to Buy’ and ‘How and When to Sell’. I thought Brian’s chapters addressing of how markets react at various stages from Accumulation to Decline was brilliant.
I am quite impressed with his work on this book along with his daily videos. It would be a great honor to recommend “Technical Analysis – Using Multiple Time Frames” for both novice and expert traders.
Suri Duddella author SURI DUDELLA author, Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros

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