Today I experimented with a free live interactive video/audio/text broadcast of my trading screen and did some live trading as I narrated what I saw. The feedback was very positive and I will continue to occasionally do live broadcasts for people who have purchased MY BOOK The next live broadcast will be at 12:00 Eastern tomorrow (Friday August 1) tomorrows broadcast will be available to anyone, even if you have not purchased the book To participate, click HERE tomorrow at NOON EASTERN. I will keep it live for an undetermined amount of time (today was about an hour).

Still haven’t purchased it yet? Here’s another carrot… On Sunday August 3 at 6PM Eastern I will conduct a LIVE review of trade candidates for next week as well as explaining how I came up with those candidates. If there is time, I will also look at stocks from participants. To get access to the Sunday broadcast you will be required to provide a password which will be a word from a random page of MY BOOK I will post the clue for the password Sunday morning. Muwaaahaaahaaa!