A common question I receive is if I am aware of a reputable company which allows electronic trading of the traditional commodities such as Oil, Grains, Meats, Metals, and also Index futures such as S&P’s, Dow, Nasdaq, and Russell.

At the trade show in Ontario, CA last week I met with Mark Monaco, who is the Head of sales for Prime Investments LLC and also Ehedger, both Introducing Brokers at the Chicago Board of Trade in Chicago, Illinois. I used to work with Mark and know him to be a good man and an excellent trader. Mark showed me his company’s trading platform and told me about his company’s background of 40 years trading at the CBOT and expertise in trading grains as his company’s owners are third generation corn and soybean farmers in Northern Illinois, they not only understand the technicals of trading, but also are very close to the fundamentals. I am convinced that if you are interested in this area of trading for a portion of your capital, you should check them out. Mark can be reached at 312-786-4188. The company caters to SPECULATIVE ACCOUNTS and Commercial AG traders