Below are 10 stocks I will be watching for potential trades. There are 2 potential short plays (CINF & PWRD) and 8 potential longs. The numbers written in on the chart are levels where I have set alerts on my trading system, they are not necessarily buy or sell levles. I set alerts to ensure I don’t miss an opportunity as the stock gains momentum. If I trade any of these stocks I will most likely buy on strength and sell short on weakness, I like to enter as momentum builds from a critical level. I will often sell a small piece of a position if it moves as little as 20-30 cents very quickly and then continue to hold remaining shares for more strength. These are not recommendations, just some ideas which appear to be ready for movement. I know nothing about the fundamentals for many of the stocks. My first consideration is RISK MANAGEMENT, it is likely that I will risk no more than 40-50 cents on any of these stocks. If the stock goes past my alert trigger level and then drops more than 40-50 cents please do not email me asking what you should do with the stock if you are still in it. My answer will be that you should not be in it any longer.

BTW, a reader notified me that VVUS reports important clinical trial data next Tuesday June 10, before the market open.

Interested in MORE DETAILS about how I find and trade these stocks?