Thanks to those of you who participated. Here is what they had to say.

Hi Brain,
Thanks for the great course! Love it and totally made me rethink how to look for opportunities and trading strategies.
I strongly encourage people who has been following the website to take this course. It comes with very good pdf doc as well, which is a bonus I didn’t find out until I enrolled for the course.
BTW, I trade both US and Hong Kong stock market. Seems like Brian’s method going to work pretty well in the HK market from look of charts from the past few days.
Happy Trading!

Thanks for the class today Brian. I really enjoyed
it. I have been trading for a couple of years now,
and although I do make a little money, it is always a
struggle. I have never seen the market trends broken
down into 4 stages the way you do it. I look forward
to studying my charts to find what stage we are in,
and act accordingly. I think this alone will
definitely help me a lot.
Thanks again,
David K

Hey Brian,
It was a great experience taking your class today.
You took away a lot of fear that we small traders have by explaining
the way the market moves.
I think you have really put me in the drivers seat.

Hi Brian,
I really enjoyed the class today. Timing and risk management are difficult concepts for me when it comes to trading. Your class helped me better understand how to limit risk and find proper times to make purchases. The class basically expanded on what you so generously teach here every day. Thank you. I look forward to your videos every day.
Take care,