I knew I shouldn’t have bought this piece of garbage! It wasn’t even my idea! Someone kept emailing me charts of this stock and I took the bait, I traded an idea that was not mine, it was my trade and I accept the loss. But was it not my idea until I decided to buy it. I have hated SIRI and XMSR for years, why whould I pay to listen to the radio? And their charts have been bad for years. I thought the tide was turning in these stocks, I thought my opinion mattered, it doesn’t. I sold the stock and took my loss, that is the right thing to do. Please do not email me with your stock ideas or ask for my opinion of stocks, I will no longer respond. I wish I saw the weakness in the after market last night so I could sell at 4.10, instead I am out at 3.91! It is not a big loss in terms percent of capital, but it stings like one because it was an UNDISCIPLINED trade. I know I will lose from time to time, but when I lose, I lose on my terms unless I make stupid mistakes like buying stocks like SIRI, I hope this stock goes to zero!