I recently saw a comment about my blog and how I am “focused on junk stocks”. Really? Like GOOG, AKAM, are those junk stocks? Or was this person referring to the low priced stocks like ADSX, UMC, SIGA, MVIS, etc? I guess that one mans trash really is another mans trasure. I do not make assessments about whether a stock is a good one or bad one based solely on price, to me that is extremely narrow minded. My analysis of stocks is based on objectively observing the trends and then trying to figure the psychology of what is making the stocks move. This analysis is mostly technical, but I do sometimes consider fundamentals too. I like to make money, that is why I trade, and if I make money in a $2 stock, it spends just as good as if I make my profits in a $50 stock. There are a lot of approaches to trading the markets and it is up to each participant to decide what approach to take based on; capital available, time available, their own psychology and a innumerable other consderations. My approach works for me and that is what I am primarly focused on, just as you should be focused on getting returns for yourself. The market is not easy, that I know for sure. There are times when low priced stocks do very well and other times when they do not perform as well, just as the “blue chips” will have their periods of relative strength. To disclude a group of stocks because they are low priced doesn’t make any sense to me. Is the 6.5% move in RMBS today better than the 6.5% move in UMC?