The markets gave back most of yesterday’s gains and it is becoming clearer by the day that it is going to take more than earnings reports or comments from our Federal Reserve Chairman to turn this market around. The only thing that can heal this bear market is time.

End of day technical analysis review of the trends in the Nasday 100 Trust (QQQQ), S&P 500 (SPY). Also individual stocks including; CyberSource Corp. (CYBS), Isolagen Inc. (ILE), Birch Mountain Resources Ltd. (BMD), First Avenue Networks Inc. (FRNS), FSI International Inc. (FSII), J2 Global Communications, Inc. (JCOM), SonicWALL Inc. (SNWL), Hansen Natural Corp. (HANS), New River Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NRPH) and Safeway Inc. (SWY). Trend analysis for daytraders and swingtraders.