In this video I review some stocks which may be poised for a bounce. Keep in mind that these ideas, and all stocks right now, are HIGH RISK because of the extreme market weekness. The Nasdaq 100 is down for the year and the Nasdaq Composite looks like it should test the rising 200 day MA before a bounce is likely to occur, the 200 DMA is now at 2232. Ideally, the market will experience a weak open on Monday and then stocks could experience a fast bounce. The stocks mentioned in the video are all high relative strength stocks which trade at least 1 million shares per day and they have sold off hard recently. Check the news on these stocks to make sure there was not a “reason” for the selling beyond the overall market weakness. The stocks which were hit hard and had negative news will be less likely to bounce. Money management and discipline take on added significance in the current market environment. Be careful.