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TRADING (CHAT) ROOM (Hours Monday thru Friday 9AM -12PM Eastern)

The primary goal of AlphaTrends is to provide subscribers with swing trade ideas (generally referred to as multi-day holds).

There are unique opportunities to learn in real time and to capitalize on intraday opportunities. This is why we have a chatroom!

View this 4 minute video for details

In the chatrooms the focus is:

• Live education and guidance from Brian Shannon, CMT
• Real-time feedback on YOUR ideas for YOUR timeframe
• Clear, concise market views to assist your shorter term trades
• Interaction with other Alphatrends members

You will notice that the Alphatrends chat rooms are unlike others you may have been involved in.

• It is a chat (not chatter) room, our focus is on making money.
• We do not discuss “news” stories, the concentration is on PRICE ACTION!
• We do not discuss sports, politics, religion or other issues which do not help us make money.
• This is a professional trading environment; the objective is to make money.

  • Get Daily Trade Ideas & Analysis
  • Stock entry and exit level ideas
  • Learn How To Take Profits Off The Table Properly!
  • Get live feedback on your stock ideas
  • Learn risk management principles ands strategy
  • Communicate with other AT traders

Hear From Alphatrends Gold Members!

“Brian is a gem. His simple (who’d have thought!) approach to day and swing trading is how it should be taught. He teaches a few basic mantras that, combined with a disciplined risk management approach are all that one needs.

The only hard part is managing your own emotions, and he even helps with that with a bit of tough love when it is deserved. The chat room is the best I have come across. No nonsense advice, identification of low risk opportunities and constant guidance and instruction will have you “making the trade your own” in no time.

His whole approach from the daily videos, to the midday update and chat room instruction is the only thing you need to become a more disciplined and profitable trader. Brian truly is unique in my view and well worth the dollars for his service!”

Marcus Spillane, Alphatrends Subscriber

“I’ve been following Brian Shannon at Alphatrends for nearly six years. His trading technique is clean and simple, and definitely the most successful approach I’ve found in 15 years of trading.

I’ve learned more from Brian, and profited more, than from any other person.”

Brian F, Alphatrends Member

“Brians service gives me a well balanced objective view of the overall market. He provides a nice balanced barometer of the market.

Steve Greene, Alphatrends Subscriber


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Overall Market Analysis: Yes
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Mid-Day Video Updates : Yes
Live Educational Webinars : Yes
Intraday Stock Picks & Trading Room : Yes


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Overall Market Analysis: No
Swing & Day Trade Watchlists: Yes
Mid-Day Video Updates : Yes
Live Educational Webinars: Yes
Intraday Stock Picks & Trading Room : Yes


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Overall Market Analysis: No
Swing & Day Trade Watchlists: No
Mid-Day Video Updates: No
Live Educational Webinars: No
Intraday Stock Picks & Trading Room: Yes

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Subscriptions can be cancelled with 7-day notice.

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