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5/16/2022 Webinar

0000- 3324: Next Day stock Ideas. Tonight Brian took some time going over how he classifies A,B,C stock and how he classifies them. Brian does NOT encourage day trading. Risk Management is rule #1.

CELH: 0900-goes over idea of how to anticipate the entry

DKS: 1143-when VWAP rising, don’t short the stock

1930-Goes over A,B,C risk management

ATEN: 2007-If price hits stop first, it invalidates the trade.

3324 Mail In QUESTIONS

3448: How do you know stock is transitioning from Stage 4 to Stage 1.

3814: Anchoring the VWAP: Week to Date, Month to Date

3905: Going long, do you want price above both 1 and 2 DVWAP?

4018: Log Charts or Arithmetic Charts? Only Arithmetic.

4144: Emails sent to, are ONLY answered in the webinar’s . If you have other

concerns, address them to the general email address.

4247: Hot Stock Picks. Brian does not mention them. Please refer to the spreadsheet above the videos’.

There is a link to receive text messages when new posts go up at the bottom of the members

section in my account.

4350: How tell if idea is long/short in the spreadsheet? Explains in the videos. If not, need MA’s sloping

up to go long and down to go short.

4503: Using multiple timeframes.

4648: LRN evaluation

4812: Chart scaling

4849: Chart set up on TC2000. Support/tutorials are available from them, not AlphaTrends. However,

Brian will make his chart layouts available if you send him your user name.

5202: NAOV stock review. Handoffs of the VWAP.

5436: Uses (Open,close,High,Low) divided by 4 to calculate the VWAP.

5745: Thoughts for the latter part of the year? No one knows. Won’t make a prediction. News follows

the trend.

5944: Do not use curve fitting to find the best VWAP.

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