OK, I promise I am not being lazy and just repeating yesterdays message..

The market tried to bounce and then earnings from AAPL sent it lower after the close. As we know, the 5DMA ia trending lower and we dont trust bounce attempts in this condition.

I am repeating the message (partially because I am on vacation, partially because the election is coming up, but MAINLY because the message of the market is repeating!)

**Pease note the new symbols below**

We have one open position,
we are long CRSR from 1952, we sold 1/3 +0.80, another third +2.65 and the stop on the balance remains at 2394

The market is in corrective mode and the “BTFD” crowd is becoming less vocal after today’s drop, maybe we are a near term low?

It is NEVER my goal to pick a top or low. I will always see a top or bottom well after the fact.

In between the highs and lows, the market gives us important information each day and if we really listen, the message becomes clearer each day.

When the market makes a LL and LH below a declining 5DMA, it is “guilty until proven innocent” and time to take less risk.

We take less risk until the market tells us otherwise.

We never know if it will be a 1, 2, 5, 10% etc pullback.

We wait for evidence sellers are done and buyers are back in control.

No guessing games, this is a business.

Here are a few stocks whose charts look worth watching for potential small long positions

I dont “love” any of the setups.

I am happy I am on vacation and away from the temptations of the market.

Good luck if you feel you “need to trade.”

I will continue to favor process over constant action