One of the most common questions I am asked is "How do you find your ideas?"

My answer is "it is a process of looking at THOUSANDS of charts manually each and everyday."

That is not the answer people want to hear....

What they really want to know is "How can I find the ideas myself, without doing all that work?"

I have arranged an exclusive opportunity with my friends at Trade Ideas to not only allow you to test their market leading scanning software for two weeks (FEB 3-14 only) for just $8.99, but we are also going to have TWO exclusive webinars with one of their lead product specialists!

In these two webinars, we are going to build two custom scans which you will be able to use for yourself if you continue with a subscription to Trade Ideas

In the first webinar (held on Monday Feb 3 at 4:30PM Eastern) we will cover, basic setup of the program and then build a swing trade scanner from scratch!

The focus of the second webinar will be an intraday scanner using VWAP!

I have known the people at Trade Ideas for close to two decades and I am now planning on using the product on a daily basis, I invite you to join me. We will continue to build new scans and have exclusive webinars in the future to harvest more market profits!

BTW, did you see that Trade Ideas added the Alphatrends Anchored VWAP to their charts this week! Woohoo!

To take advantage of this offer, sign up now using this link and for just $8.99 you will have access to the product through Wednesday February 12th with no commitment to purchase after. Once you have signed up, email me at for a link to the first webinar.

Join me on the journey to moving towards automated trading!

Last thing, you can also paper trade on Trade Ideas with THIS LINK