Stock Trading Ideas for 11/27/20

The market closes at 1PM Eastern on Friday and it will be very light volume leading up to the close. Due to illiquidity, all ideas for Friday are considered “watchlist.”

Did you know that you can speed the video up or down?

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  1. I find the speed at which you talk ideal, but that’s just me.

    On Android devices, you can now add automatic captioning on Brian’s videos. The captioning is really good, with his voice. If your Android device is up to date, click on the volume up key while your phone is NOT actively displaying a video or call, etc.

    A horizontal volume bar should show up, and at the right end of it, a small down-arrow is visible in red. Tap on that arrow. Many options will drop down in that menu (Ringtone, Media, Notifications etc., depending on your device). At the bottom, the selection should say “Live Caption”. If you select that (turn the slider on), most audio that comes through your phone will be automatically captioned on your screen, including Brian’s videos.

    If you then double-tap on that caption bar, it will open up bigger to show more than two lines at a time. Double-tap on it again to collapse it to two lines.

    You can turn it off in the same way as you turned it on.

    Also, Android says that the captioning is automatic only locally on your device, and that none of the information in the captions is sent back to Google/Samsung etc. In case you have privacy concerns. That’s what they claim, anyway…

  2. Similar to the BDLP trade, with GME is there enough potential for overhead supply around 15.30 from the October swing high to consider taking some profits there?

  3. Hi – Can you please help point the difference between the list at the top (CRSP, ZI) to the list at the bottom of the picture, which includes additional stocks than CRSP, ZI?. Is it that CRSP, ZI are official Swing Trade Ideas versus the ones at the bottom include Watchlist Ideas?

    The OFFICIAL swing trades are listed in the spreadsheet each day and it is made clear in the videos which ones are OFFICIAL vs WATCH for every stock mentioned.

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