8 Replies to “Stock Trade Ideas for October 7, 2022”

  1. I thought you did sound passionate (sincerely) last night, 10/5 end of day video.
    There have been a couple times lately you sounded tired. Fighting pain will make you tired. Ruptured disc, I had/have one. So sorry.
    Regarding 10/4 and 10/5 end of day videos, rewatching…

  2. Hey Brian, I really like when you are adament and when you are repeating lessons. It really stayes with me when you do that that way. You saved me lots of mistakes. Thank you.

    Did you try dry needling method for herniated disc? It really helped me. It gives immediate relief

  3. Hello Brian, Do not do any surgeries on discs. I had 3 blown discs , I healed all myself. It was not easy but I am very strong with no pain. You can call me any time , or e-mail me .

  4. thank you Steve. I am not considering surgery, as you know the pain is terrible…. I had a cortisone injection Thursday morning but no relief so far.. I appreciate you reaching out.

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