9 Replies to “Stock Market Video Analysis 9/22/22”

  1. The best thing that has helped me stay out of really stupid trades since joining your service was when you referred buying “breakouts” on false rallies as “sucker trades”. That was me! When you pointed that out, I immediately realized I was the sucker. Appreciate the tough love; keep it coming.

  2. Thanks for your suggestions Brian! I’m naturally one of those stupid traders that you talk about. I appreciate that you’re helping me to break some really bad habits! Please continue to share your tough love. We need it!

  3. I have been trading in the markets for 5+years, and what I have found thru my personal experience is that making money in the markets in not the problem that the majority of traders have…

    That is why I finally joined your service, after years of following you — Not because I wanted to make more money – BUT – because I needed a coach in my ear that will help enforce the idea of “How not to lose money” – especially during periods of market uncertainty – and that is what I have found AlphaTrends to be – a sensible, simple, no-nonsense approach in learning how to keep what you have…

    So, I have to say – Thanks Brian – for the Tough Love Approach!!!

  4. The tough love is necessary and I do believe it comes from a place of commitment to making us better traders.

  5. I subscribe for your sincerity, your honesty, then your process and stock advice. Really, I need to hear you call out the bad behavior over and over again. I make fewer stupid mistakes as time goes on.

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