6 Replies to “Midday Video Update 11/17/22”

  1. Hi Brian
    I do know it is not related to todays video. Could you please recommend charting software between these two. Treandspider vs TC2000. Trendsp[idersale is ending tomorrow, so I have to make a decision today. Do apolozise i am asking this question at the wrong place. Thankyou in advance

  2. Wonderful Thank you for quick response. Your courses are great. I am still confused for some of the things which will clear up as I go along. You are one of the best teacher out there. Keep up the great work
    I am very excited to for final step of the course which will be one on one. I will get organized and write down all the questions before I schedule. Thank you again for everything.

  3. One more question please. I think what I need is Gold with real-time . Or do you think any benefit for platinum? Let me know your opinion
    Thank you again

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