Anchored VWAP Levels Now on Think or Swim Platform

Over the years I have received thousands of questions about when Think or Swim (TOS) will have the Anchored VWAP on its platform. It has always astounded me that TOS has not listened to their users and created a code for it.

Well, my friends at ScriptsToTrade (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE) have answered the call. They have created the “AlphaTrends Anchored VWAP/Smart VWAP Combo” Script for a one time fee of $97.

Here is their description of it, see my video demonstration below.

Please note, it also includes Year to Date (YTD) Month to Date (MTD) and Week to Date (WTD) VWAPs, automatically drawn on the chart for you!
You can also choose to set the VWAP Anchored from the date of the IPO!

If you are prompted for a discount code, use ALPHATRENDS for a 10% discount.

2 Replies to “Anchored VWAP Levels Now on Think or Swim Platform”

  1. thank you, been bugging them for more than 7 years to add. annually, i receive a phone call from them asking what they can do, i have always and solely said add a dynamic VWAP functionality. nothing but crickets from the salesman as they do not what the tool is and they never call back when they say they will check into it

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