Markets are stuck below flat/ declining 5 dmas and that means were in corrective mode and have a more defensive stance. The bigger level for SPY to hold will be the prior resistance at the VWAP from the all time high. That level is approximately 267.

SMAR long 2812 1/3 + 0.39 1/3 +2.55 stop on balance 3308
CWH if you entered half on a “cheat entry” at 1350, look to make it full position on a move below 1337. We will cover 1/3 if it hits S2 and the stop remains 1384
MAS long 3272 1/3 +0.39 1/3 +2.29 stop on balance 3471
DO short 1074 1/3 +0.12 stop on balance down to 1044
EDIT short 2094 1/3 +0.73 1/3 + 1.68 stop on balance remains 2006
ACB off the list, needs time
BIOS failed from the start, no entry, remove from list
SEMG we were looking for rally before short, the strength never materialized so that stock is also off the list.

I stepped on my microphone so no video, tonights will likely be up later than usual.