No video today, just some notes. Don’t forget we have “Fed Speak” at noon and the market conditions can change quickly after that.

SPY above 5dma and vwap from recent low but still in longer term downtrend, still uncertainty. Todays low is also where we find the VWAP from the 11/15 low, holding above that level is near term bullish
QQQ ~16530 is the VWAP from the November low, if the market continues to hold gains, this is most likely level for potential resistance
IWM – weakest but has recovered
SMH- found sellers at the VWAPs anchored from: 10/17 high, 10/29 low and 11/1 high

CWK if long 1840, 1/3 off R3 1850 stop 1810
EAT gapped up too high for reasonable entry
LTHM – still a purchase above 1800 w stop of 1698
TXT – violated the stop before it gave us an entry
AMAG – if shorted at 1735 it was stopped above morning high of 1795 (mentioned in chat) for a loss of 0.62 or you may have chosen to keep the original stop of 1857?
TVTY – we were looking for a pullback, which did not occur, before entry
BIOS – if you are still long raise stop on balance to just under todays low.