If you are going to be at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas on November 4, I would love to meet you after my 8AM talk “Multi-Timeframe VWAP Analysis for Low-Risk, High-Probability Swing Trades” register here for free.

My friends at Trade-Ideas have a special to view their full product for one week for just $8.88.  This is a great opportunity to see their “Artificial Intelligence” at work live.  If that program isn’t for you try their free Trade of The Week emailed to you each week.

I use the “Anchored VWAP by Alphatrends” on this software, this past week it was just added to the Optuma Trading Software, here’s their VWAP writeup.  It is my belief that if you aren’t using the Anchored VWAP in your trading, you are trading blind!

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